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AGOGIE 2.0: Resistance Training Pants Turn Your Normal Daily Activities Into A Workout

by Aaron Mottern


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Announcement: With rubber resistance bands stitched inside, AGOGIE 2.0 turns your daily activities into workouts...

Resistance bands are used by millions of people each day to strengthen muscles, burn fat, and rehabilitate tendons and joints. We have taken resistance bands, and all their benefits, and stitched them into comfortable, moisture-wicking athletic pants to create a product that will reshape your health, fitness, and performance.

Leave the cords, clips, sleds, and straps behind. With 8 resistance bands stitched inside, AGOGIE adds constant tension to every movement, quickly warming your muscles and challenging you in new ways no matter where you are. No setup required.

Join the community, and let's revolutionize fitness together.

Our mission is to make it simple for individuals to live healthy, active lives, where life happens. We believe people should spend more time doing what they love, with who they love, without compromising their health, quality of life or joy of life.

The AGOGIE community is connected by something more than a product. It can't be seen, or heard, or even categorized. It's a feeling that lives inside each and every one of us and propels us to take on the world. By backing our campaign, you are joining a community of people who are driven by a desire to grow as individuals, by a will to become great.

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