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Aroo Travel Compression system | EZ Adapter

by Travel Aroo, Inc


Introducing: The sleek high performance universal compression system. A new slip on EZ adapter increases convenience…

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Hello and welcome to our community! I am Ned Morris, President of Travel Aroo, Inc, based in San Diego, California. My colleagues and I strongly urge you to help and support our crowdfunding project for Aroo Travel Compression system, a unique EZ adapter.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our campaign with which we hope to raise funds for our crowdfunding project via Kickstarter. You are very kind and generous.

About Aroo:

● Fast: Unmatched impressive dual motor 6 L/min compression rate

● Powerful: -55 kPa (-5500Pa) vacuum power

● Endurance: 2500mAh Samsung power compresses many bags

● Traveler in mind: no bags with tall, easy to break, hole poking valves that are only sold by one company

● Universal: compatible with virtually all retail storage space bags

● Simple: charged with nearly any micro-USB charger and its ready for use. Plug in an adapter and compress!

● Durable: Built for travel, high quality commercial tool equivalent type plastic

● Ease to stow: Designed to tuck along one of the many suitcase interior corners

● Dependable

● Easy to use: the heavy duty CE switch works every time - no fuss!

Introducing the easy to slip on and off Aroo EZ adapter!

Get your retail screw top storage bag, unscrew the cap then just press on the EZ adapter. Attach the powerful 6 L/min, -55kPa, 2500mAh micro-USB rechargable aroo comprressor and you’ll be in business. When done, pull it off! Done!


Travel Aroo, Inc.:

The core company originally named "Aroo" has become "Travel Aroo, Inc" and was originally started March of 2015 in San Diego, CA. It was built as a "garage start-up" company with the mission goal of improving travelers lives by reducing the number of pieces of luggage and saving on baggage fees with a focus on being "the best." Through the process of the Industrial design "conceptual design" and development, manufacturing, as well as business development, a hands understanding of the many aspects of business has been achieved. As an accomplished traveler, and business — Travel Aroo, Inc is prepared to launch their flagship product.

We Need Your Help and Support:

To help and support the efforts of this project, we make this plea for your help and support. We are raising funds via our Kickstarter page. With you help and support, let's work together to ensure the success of our one-of-a-kind fundraising campaign.

We thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity. Any amount that you can donate would be greatly appreciated.

Warm regards,

Travel Aroo, Inc



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