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Be a Hero: Join the Oz. Forever Revolution!

by Brandon "Yungg Bleeze" Fair and Aaron Waters

(Exclusive Offer)

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Join the Oz. Forever Revolution — founded by two young visionaries!

Brandon "Yungg Bleeze" Fair and Aaron Waters — the industrious creators of OZ. FOREVER the Comic — have recently started a unique revolution... the Oz. Forever Revolution is a compassion-driven cannabis revolution!

If you or someone you know is a cancer patient experiencing nausea and neuropathic pain, Yungg Bleeze and Aaron can see how important the medical use of cannabis is to you or the cancer patient whose concerns to which you are attentive.

If you or someone you know is a recreational user of marijuana, they know the stigma associated to the drug can be disheartening and humiliating.

No one fights to decriminalize cannabis for medical or recreational use harder than Yungg Bleeze and Aaron, who have pledged to fight for the rights of cancer patients stricken by neuropathic pain and recreational users stigmatized by the merciless cannabis prohibitionists and the mindless stooges of the law enforcement industrial complex.

Yungg Bleeze and Aaron are sorry and hurt to see that you and other innocent people are in this situation. But most of all, they are deeply sorry and they would like to help EVERY responsible cannabis user if they can.

Let's see if responsible smokers can "light and smoke" this cannabis revolution together. They will work as hard as they can and will pay attention to the concerns of responsible cannabis users around the world. They respect your commitment to smoking the weed responsibly.

With OZ. Forever the Comic, Yungg Bleeze and Aaron can spread the word about the daily battles of the cannabis culture.

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