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Back To College and Relieving Debt!

by Anthony Garrone


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Announcement: Please help and support a student go back to college at Brookdale Community College and relieve some of his debt caused by mental illness...

Hello! My name is Anthony Garrone and I have an Associate Degree in Social Science. I am in the local area of the school in Farmingdale, N.J.

I need your help and support:

I hope and pray that you understand how important getting an education is to student like me. In fact, getting funding with which to pay for my college tuition and related debt would facilitate buying books, paying for classes and other materials needed for school.


Almost all the teachers at Brookdale Community College were fantastic people from whom I had learned a lot, including my History and English teacher. I graduated in May of 2010. Between the years of 2004-2005, I had joined Phi Beta Kappa and had earned a Deans List award. My current GPA is 3.05.

As for the debt itself, any money donated to me will also be used to pay off bills due to financial hardships. I was diagnosed with a mental health disorder during my years in college, resulting in my ended up with some debt.

I can't achieve the goals of rasing funds for college and paying off my debt on my own; however, I hope and pray that I get help and support with the help of people. Currently, I am hopeful and I think my goals are achievable.

My debt is a mixture of college loans, credit card debt and more. I will give the fundraising a shot and see how I do. This fundraiser is a plan B type of thing because plan C is only for a last resort type of situation.

Please... I need your help and support:

With you help and support, I will be afforded the opportunity to get funding for college and some funds to pay off some debt. Any amount that you can donate would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help and support. You are very kind and generous.

Make a Difference by Helping a Disabled Student Go Back to College...

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