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Facebreak: The Hidden Side of how Texting, Liking, and Stalking Impacts Our Relationships

by Dave Worthen

(Exclusive Offer)

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Do You Know What Your Spouse Or Partner Does On Facebook?

In this insightful and probing book you will be taken behind the scenes with real couples who have experienced anguish, heartbreak, jealousy, and loss when they each crossed the "Invisible Line," that is the doorway to secretive behavior on Facebook.

The author delves into the problems couples face each day when with a keystroke they straddle between the virtual world of Facebook and their own day to day real lives.

And the author pulls no punches about what exactly you will find.

This is an eye-opening read. The author adds a good dose of humor as we drop down the rabbit hole and experience not only what these Facebreaks are, but he how we can recognize the pitfalls and avoid them.

If you have personally experienced the shot to your soul by you or your partner crossing a line on Facebook, this book is for you. If you're the one who crossed the line, this book is for you.

If you use Facebook, this book is a must-read.

To order your copy of "Facebreak: The Hidden Side of how Texting, Liking, and Stalking Impacts Our Relationships," order via the link below:

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