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Please Support the Crowdfunding Campaign for Elijah's Hospital Care

by Troy Draves

(Exclusive Offer)

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Please help a family in need with medical and health care expenses...

A little boy named Elijah was recently admitted to a premier top-tier hospital again. Due to mounting debt and inability to pay outstanding medical and healthcare expenses, the hospital administrators have threatened to transfer Elijah to another hospital that provides inferior services.

Sadly, Elijah's parents don't have the funds to pay the 6k bill that is now owed for the child's most recent hospital stay at the top-tier hospital stay. That is why the parents are trying to spread the word about Elijah's crowdfunding page in order to funding and support during these difficult time in Elijah's life.

The first picture above was the first time he had to go back into the hospital with a severe case of pneumonia.

The second picture above was at his graduation and 2 weeks after this great day he was back in the hospital with another severe case of pneumonia but this time in both his lungs.

For more info about Elijah's story, go to:

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