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Must-Read: House Rules for New Leaders and Managers

by Jacqueline House, MBA

(Exclusive Offer)

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House Rules for New Leaders and Managers by Jacqueline House, MBA is a leadership how to for new leaders and managers, and a refresher for experienced leaders.

This straight to the point, hard-hitting primer addresses such issues as how messy leadership thinking leads to teams who cannot live up to their full potential, and how leaders must get their own 'houses in order' to facilitate change. House Rules for New Leaders and Managers is built on a fundamental truth: messy leadership thinking creates messy and under productive teams.

This book will cause leaders to think reflectively about how effective their learned actions and reactions are to reaching personal and team goals, regardless of the leadership styles to which they have been exposed. Whether a leader considers themselves to be a visionary, a coach, a facilitator, a combination of these three, or in another category all together, this primer will give insight into key areas of leading people along with 25 practical steps to implement and bring about positive change.

Today's busy leader or manager has little time to read and absorb thousands, or even hundreds, of pages of leadership and management theory, but if the thinking of leaders can be reformed and transformed, the productivity of team members will blossom. House Rules for New Leaders and Managers gets straight to the bottom line by distilling complex leadership theory into bite size strategies for effective leadership. It has been described as short, sweet, and to the point. Leaders and managers from all walks of life, including those who are in a corporate or community setting, non-profit organization, newly promoted, experienced and inexperienced, as well as entrepreneurs will be able to quickly grasp and implement 25 different actions to address the challenges of managing and leading a team.

Many leaders and managers are promoted into leadership positions, for which the only qualifications were successful performance as a team member. This ill equips them to be a good leader. Still other leaders spend so much time away from the work in the trenches, and the people who perform the work, that they have forgotten the impact of their words and actions on the productivity of the people that they are trying to persuade to be productive. Yet other leaders are assigned a title, and have assumed that without their overbearing presence, no work will be done. Combine these issues with the ever-growing need to do more with less time, and fewer staff and you have a recipe for ineffective leadership and teams who either fail to reach their goals, or reach their goals under great stress and duress.

House Rules for New Leaders and Managers is a leadership handbook of sorts. It's meant to be read when needed for inspiration, and kept close at hand for frequent reminders of what it means to be an effective leader. And, it all starts with leaders and managers getting their own 'houses in order.'

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