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KETO-FM Is Almost Ready To Go Live

by KETO-FM Denver

(Exclusive Offer)

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Announcing KETO-FM, an amazing immigrant-run low power FM station...

We have a spot on the tower. We have an antennae. Now we just need the last piece of critical equipment: the transmitter. This gets the signal from the studio to the tower, and from there gets it out to your radios and computers.

Time Is Of The Essence!

We need to get this equipment purchased and installed in the next month or so. This is critical: First, for our FCC license; and second, it will enable us to do the first-ever live broadcast from the annual Aurora Global Fest.

The Federal Communications Commission has granted us a frequency on the dial and a license to operate -- but only if we get on the air by September. It took most of the time allotted to get a tower spot (Thank you aurora public schools!) and to get other equipment donated (Thank you Colorado public radio!) We also have received crucial funding from the City of Aurora, especially the Aurora mayor's office, to support installation of the antenna. But now we are up against the deadline to get the transmitter purchased and set up, in order to secure 93.3 on the dial.

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