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Must Read: The Art of Pizza

by Randy Hawthorne

(Exclusive Offer)

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Are you a "pizza addict?" Is pizza your favorite food? Are you on a quest to find the perfect recipe for pizza crust or sauce? Are you tired of spending your time trying out recipes that just don't seem to work? If the answer to these questions is 'yes', then this is the book for you.

I've spent many months creating recipes and visual tutorials, so that you'll never need another pizza cookbook again. In this book, you'll not only discover recipes, you'll go inside the creative process with me, to explore the fundamentals of creating your own recipes 'from scratch.'

We'll explore many different topics within the world of pizza, and you'll learn how to make the best home made pizza you've ever had.I promise this will be a very informative journey, and well worth your time. You won't find another pizza cookbook anywhere that goes as far to shape you into a great pizza chef, I guarantee it.

To order "The Art of Pizza," order via the link below:

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