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Read... My Girlfriend is a Vampire (Love is Unexpected)

by Robert D. Jackson

(Exclusive Offer)

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My Girlfriend is a Vampire (Love Unexpected) is a one-of-a-kind story for avid readers of fantasy novels.

Are you ready to read...

Larry Evans thought High School couldn't get any weirder. Then he fell in love with a vampire.

Larry Evans is an average High School student who feels-out of-place in his small town. Veronique Cartwright is the spellbindingly beautiful new girl in town. Her past is shrouded in mystery and rumors that has the whole High School whispering, but when Veronique uses her looks to distract everyone from her true form, does any adolescent High School boy stand a chance?

An outcast in his junior year, Larry can't help but fall for this siren as she opens him up to a world he never knew; a world full of hitherto unfelt excitement and a dark horror where vampires and mankind co-exist. Vowing never to leave her side, Larry delves deeper and deeper into her world. But are her charms distracting Larry from her blood-sucking ways, or is it true love?

Author's Bio: Robert D. Jackson was born in Kingston, Jamaica, an island rich in culture and tradition. He subsequently moved to America where moved across New York, New Jersey and California, finally settling in Sugar Land, Texas.

Find out in My Girlfriend is a Vampire, by Robert D. Jackson, the exciting first book in the series.

To order your copy of Robert D. Jackson's "My Girlfriend is a Vampire (Love is Unexpected)," order via the link below:

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