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Never Be Heartbroken: A Guide On Finding An Awesome And Eternal Spouse

by Omar Mahmoud

(Exclusive Offer)

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The goal of this book is to show you how to create a blissful marriage by finding the person that will be by your side forever. So that you will never be heartbroken. This book has seven chapters each one building upon the next until you have an unbreakable bond with another human being.

This informative book...

- Chapter 1: Teaches you what real love and lust are.

- Chapter 2: Prepares you mentally and emotionally for marriage.

- Chapter 3: Protects your heart from heartbreak while looking for the one.

- Chapter 4: Widens your search and unlocks and many oppurtunities for a spouse.

- Chapter 5: Highlights what people and what criteria you should be looking for.

- Chapter 6: Guides you on conversation with your prospective spouse and literally tests his/her character.

- Chapter 7: Once you've found the one this chapter goes over on how to seal the eternal deal with a bang that will be everlasting.

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