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Please Give Hope to At-Risk Children in Nicaragua

by Dean and Winnie Peters

(Exclusive Offer)

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Introducing a unique mission to give hope to at-risk children in Nicaragua...

This is not my story, but the story of children that need our help. My wife and I have been blessed with the ability, time, and support to help these children and be welcomed into their lives! This is their story.

I am Dean Peters, 1/2 of the husband and wife team of Dean and Winnie Peters. This story began 30 years ago. Remember the Contra Wars in Nicaragua? We remember them like they were yesterday. What most people do not know is that there was an entire community of about 250 families that did not receive help, support, or even the basic shelter, after the wars ended. Winnie and i learned this the hard way.

We went to Managua to provide toys to the children in the churches, but so many people beat us to it and these children had more toys than many children here in the US. Someone recommended we visit what they called "The Garbage Dump." To our surprise, we encountered an entire community of 250 families that were forgotten and desperately needed help.

Now, the garbage dump is not a place that you would visit on your vacation to Nicaragua. It actually makes other areas look lavish. There are no roads. Instead, there was only mud and sharp metal objects buried under the mud from decades of fighting and wars. And the gangs made our gangs look like kindergarten students. Yet we went and gave all of our toys to the children who were so grateful, our hearts melted.

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We had found our calling! Over the past thirty years, we have helped these children grow, flourish, and achieve the basic necessities in life that most people, let alone children, take for granted. We opened a feeding center, a preschool, and even employed locals to help us, providing them pay as well as benefits, such as health insurance. We also started a kids' church to help bring hope to the children in what may seem like desperate situations. Through it all, these families, and especially children, have been more grateful than anyone could have ever imagined. You can find out more about our mission at


We need to do more. We are reaching out to you to help us raise money to offer more services to these children in need, helping them become the productive members of society they long to be and allow them the opportunity to pay it forward. We are currently looking to provide more education, opening a boarding school and extending our current school to offer grades beyond preschool. In addition, we are working to open a trade school to help teach parents and students employable skills that will help them get the jobs they so desperately want.

Finally, we want to help the children as they enter this world, by providing prenatal mothers a safe, healthy, and equipped environment to give birth to their little bundles of joy! With the best start possible, we can help these children flourish above and beyond their wildest dreams!

This is only phase one of our mission. Our next phase is to bring our program to others around the world and help children everywhere, duplicating our process and our results.


We are asking for your help! We are running out of money and our children NEED to EAT! Please help in any way you can! If you can contribute, that would be amazing! Every little bit helps. However, whether you can or cannot help financially, please spread the word and share pour campaign with your circle of influence. Every dollar helps!

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