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Please Support Free From Disability/Tattoo Shop

by Aubrey West

(Exclusive Offer)

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Please support our cause...

This GoFundMe campaign to help with moving expenses/opening costs for a tattoo studio that would assist two disabled individuals and two single parents with very much needed financial freedom.

Currently, West Arts Tattoo Studio is a small tattoo studio located in a flea market type setting. As you can imagine, it is extremely limiting both with the stigma of getting tattooed in a flea market and with the limited operating hours, weekends only.

Each individual in our shop is seeking financial freedom from one hardship or another. Getting this move made would mean so much to all of us. It would give us each the opportunity to rise above the poverty and lack that is the disablity/ welfare/minimum wage system.

For more info about this GoFundMe campaign, go to:

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