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by Richard Charles James

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Overview: This sci-fi book is a must-read…

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Humans now have the ability to cheat death and with this power there are always people wishing to abuse it, is Kingsley one of those individuals or is he a misunderstood individual?

Can he prove his innocence to remain anonymous from his past corruptive life and start a new as a pod user and allow other pod users their privacy and chance at a normal life?

Is Samuel the right man to help Kingsley or will it cost him more than he is willing to give? Who else will be dragged into a fight that can cost everything?

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About the Author:

Richard Charles James, the author of Pod-Animity, regularly reads articles and books about many and varied topics when he is not writing.

He has been writing all his life, short stories and poetry. He is most inspired to write when he feels strongly about a subject or have a dream that is interesting and can be turned into a story.

Three of his poems are in anthologies but he is putting together an ebook now with his poems in since he has been told many times by people to release it.

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