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How to Eat Well and Love Yourself: The Yoga of Revival

by Peter Fettis

(Exclusive Offer)

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Introducing simple instructions for personal transformation...

This manual focuses an optimizing our quality of life. The word "Yoga" translates from Sanskrit as "joining + unifying" and we can all practice by coming together to celebrate our health with the joy of real food.

Fresh, nutrient-rich foods help us feel light and energetic all day long — useful for weight loss, pain relief, muscle building, intuitive intelligence and restful sleep.

Ancient Greeks, Chinese, Indians, and early cultures put thousands of years of work into perfecting the art of 'Food is Medicine' for us to live stress-free, happy lives. This book brings time-tested methods to our currnt day with applied nutrition and behavioral science with a life-changing effect for our personal health and sense of well-being.

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