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Read Supernova's Jubilee: People In the Moon

by Scott Alan Rowlett

(Exclusive Offer)

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Supernova's Jubilee by author Scott Alan Rowlett is a series of rhyming novelettes for adults and sophisticated children.

This first installment follows a purple race of people who reside inside the Moon through the Cassini crater.

They have colorful powers that shoot from their hands and they visit Earth frequently to collect popular items for their moneymaking attraction, Museum Earth.

After a purple visitor crashes on Earth they are forced to give their power to an Earthling as a last resort to escape danger and be transported back to the Moon.

The now powerful Earthling accidentally disintegrates a young girl's parents and it's up to her to find a way back in time to save them and stop those events from occurring.

To order your copy of Supernova's Jubilee: People In the Moon by Scott Alan Rowlett, order via the link below:

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