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The Memoirs of Anna Marie Malloy: A Woman's Journey through America's Greatest Events

by D.C.L. Galloway

(Exclusive Offer)

News: Read the incredible memoirs of a 100-year-old grandmother...

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About the Book:

Born in 1918, Anna Malloy has lived through some of America's greatest events, like the Great Depression and World War II. Finally, at the age of 100, she had completed writing her memoirs and is now ready to share her stories and wisdom with the world. Please join her for this striking, personal journey and learn from real, unfiltered history.

Read her stories and absorb her wisdom...

● Reaching the age of 100 is a unique achievement for any man or woman.

● In the United States, there are less than 45,000 centenarians.

● Because reaching the age of 100 is a newsworthy event, check out her book.

● Understand the inspirational and thoughtful stories of an open and transparent centenarian.

● Know how important staying hopeful about life's possibilities is to positive people like her.

● And, much more!

You will be hard-pressed to read a more amazing book by a centenarian than this one.

About the Author:

D.C.L. Galloway, the author of The Memoirs of Anna Marie Malloy: A Woman's Journey through America's Greatest Events, regularly reads about many and varied topics when not writing.

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