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The Day Jesus Throws The Church In Hell

by Jake Adam Felton

(Exclusive Offer)

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Because this is a must-read for Christians and others, you will be hard-pressed to read a more controversial book than The Day Jesus Throws The Church In Hell.

Welcome to a shock driven testimonial of the persona of Christ that no one wants to talk about. Its the end-times Jesus with absolutely no regard for what we see as mercy today. Grace is gone and we will consider death a good friend when we enter this dimension.

The points of view as exposed are riveting. The Day of The Guillotine Sword to behead you is much better of an experience than what readers will encounter here. We consider a compassionate nature of the Christ of today coupled with the revelations of a Priests nightmare. What's amazing about this is no person will be able to return from this journey the same way they went in.

We fail to reflect on this side of a mountain that holds a surprise for the mighty that the weeping will someday see cry forever. Trust me when I tell you, your mind will never escape what we learn about Jesus. It's heart pounding. It's frightening and if I had a last breath, what in God's name would I say to get out of this.

You don't have to be a believer. You don't even have to acknowledge what you witness here as sound in your interpretation of logic. One thing for certain, this is a story about a world that has never seen Christ like this before until their number came up. You are not even religious but none of us came to stay.

It's expiration time and it's The Day Jesus Throws The Church in Hell.

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