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The Singer — A Romantic Novel Plus 12 Love Songs

by Roger Himes

(Exclusive Offer)

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Roger Himes, composer and singer, has a unique offer that you simply cannot refuse...

The Singer is a book that is very unique in one special way! This is because a music theme follows the story line of the book.

You can read the lyrics of the songs as they are printed in the book. The songs blend with the story, thus enhancing it, and giving it more emotion, meaning and perspective.

Scott Bailey, the lead character, has written all the songs and sings them. A lawyer by profession, he is "The Singer" by preference. As you read Scott's story, you can also listen to his songs if you choose to order them for a very small charge.

Music creates emotional involvement and impact like nothing else can: "Music speaks louder than words." Enhance your reading enjoyment by listening to the songs sung.

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