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UCS: Social Movement to Reduce Coconut Shell Waste

by Automata Worldwide

(Indiegogo Campaign)

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Introducing UCS, a unique Social Movement to reduce coconut shell waste...

Our Story:

How did we treat coconut shell after we take its water? Well, mostly we just throw it away. this has happened for a very long time. As a result, there are billions tons of coconut shell waste in the world. in order to reduce the waste, someone has thought to replace charcoal with coconut shell as a medium for fire. This idea only absorbs 6% from the total coconut waste just in Asia region.

So we thought in order to reduce coconut waste, we decide to empower communities in crafting something valuable from it.

We, UCS, are representative from communities who craft coconut shell waste into something more valuables like bags, wallets, etc. We are located at Blitar, East Java, Indonesia.

We made this campaign in order to develop our communities and increase production so that unemployment rate will reduce, local economy will growth, and waste will decrease.

Use of Fund:

1. Purchasing production equipment in order to process more coconut shell.

2. Empower local residents to help the production by giving training and development.

3. Setting up website and social media platform.

4. Develop a brand which sells products made of coconut shell waste.

With your support, we will make this movement nationally even worldwide.

For more info about this Social Movement to reduce coconut shell waste, go to:

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