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Kickstarter Gold: You Are Beautiful, Where You Are

by Matthew Hoffman

(Kickstarter Gold)

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Our Story...

In 2002, in Chicago, I started the You Are Beautiful project with 100 stickers that said exactly that — aiming to share a hopeful message that I believe is true to every single person in one way or another. I just wanted to add a quiet message amongst all the commotion of living in a big city, which can make you feel lost and alone, to say that everything is ok as it is.


Since then, I turned to we, and the project has actively combatted negativity, by distributing millions of stickers, and has grown into large-scale metal and wood installations, murals, as well as collaborations with many designers, students, and artists, worldwide.

Chicago is still our home base, and we've worked for the past 15 years here, lining our streets, fences, and walls with over 30 installations all over the city.


And while we've made our mark on Chicago, we realize that, compared to the whole state, that's a relatively small area. This message is for everyone, everywhere, and if we could reach every state, it would leave that much more impact to say, we're all in this together.


We've been featured on Oprah, on Good Morning America, as well as in many books, magazines, and online features. But the person to person interaction- the community, is what excites us the most. To grow that community, and grow that positivity around the country (and then the world) — is our next big step forward.


We want to bring You Are Beautiful to you, where you are.

While we've traveled to many major cities, and put up installations, they have mostly been temporary. We want everyone everywhere to have a permanent reminder.

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